Aims and Scope


Considering the importance of comprehensive attention to education in all disciplines and fields of study, and considering the mission of Shahid Rajaei Teacher Training University, this journal seeks to fill the void of an Iranian journal in the realm of theoretical and practical issues in the field of sports science education. The quarterly journal of Research in Sport Sciences Education (RISSE), which is published in both printed and electronic forms, welcomes articles from studies and original research findings in the field of knowledge related to education, new methods of education, management and planning of education, quality of education and research, evaluation of education, etc. in the sports science fields. The vision of this journal is to try to expand the boundaries of knowledge in the field of education, to spread and expand the knowledge of education planning in various disciplines, to examine the issues and challenges of education methods in the country, and to provide suitable solutions for them. Also, the publication of these theoretical and practical findings, patterns and achievements in various fields is focused on education and based on valid research methods and the development of an interactive network among researchers. In this regard, the management of the journal invites researchers and thoughtful writers in the field of education from all disciplines and fields to provide the basis for improving the quality and dynamics of this journal by sending their valuable articles.


In order to achieve the above vision, the Quarterly Journal of Research in Sport Sciences Education (RISSE) has considered the following goals:

A) Meeting scientific and research needs in the field of sport sciences education

b) Improving the level of research in the fields related to sport sciences education

c) Institutionalizing educational studies in universities and research centers of the country

d) Establishing communication between researchers and developing interdisciplinary research

e) Timely publication of new research findings in the field of sport sciences education and improving the quality of education in these fields

f) Publishing and introducing the application of new trainings and educational innovations in the fields of motor learning and development, sports physiology, sport nutrition, sports management, sport injuries and corrective exercises, adaptive physical education, sport biomechanics, sports psychology and sports sociology.

g) Achieving the quality level approved by domestic and international scientific institutions and trying to index the journal in ISC, Scopus and WOS databases.